The Miss America competition judging system is designed to promote diversity, individuality and overall achievement among all contestants. Judges score the individual contestants immediately following each phase of competition. Contestants are scored on a 1-to-10 point scale, in whole numbers, within each category (more than one contestant may receive the same score). There is one panel of judges for all of the final competition. Those who judge Miss DC auditions will not be judges for the actual Miss DC competition and no scores will carry over from the auditions. All judges have been educated about the Miss America judging system and represent a variety of professional sectors within their communities.

During competition, the weighting of scores awarded per category is distributed as follows:

25% – Private Interview
20% – On-Stage Question
30% – Talent
15% – Evening Wear
10% – Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit
The contestant with the highest number of total points after all phases of competition will be the new Miss District of Columbia.

*All categories of judging and corresponding percentages are subject to change by the Miss America Organization.