Every year we put our heads together to discuss the criteria of the optimal judges panel. A great deal of thought and discussion goes into choosing our adept panel who will select the next Miss District of Columbia and hopefully the next Miss America! Miss DC is the right combination of beauty, brains and talent, with equal parts of hipness, glamor, and an urban sensibility mixed in.

In the past six years the Miss District of Columbia Scholarship Organization and its great panel of “deciders” has produced some pretty amazing results:

Therese Lizardo Miss DC 2004- Quality of Life Finalist

Shannon Schambeau Miss DC 2005- Swimsuit Award winner and Top 5 Finalist

Kate Michael Miss DC 2006- Elle Magazine Miss America photo spread (3 contestants selected)

Shayna Rudd Miss DC 2007- Non-Finalist Talent Award

Kate Marie Grinold Miss DC 2008 – Top 10 Semi-Finalist

Jen Corey Miss DC 2009- Top 10 Semi-Finalist

2012 Miss DC Pageant Judges:

  • John Patterson – Professional Baseball Ballplayer, Retired
  • Aureta Thomollari – Fashion Blogger/Fashion Consultant
  • Jimmie William – Director, Federal Govt. Affairs McDonald’s Corp.
  • Don Neal – CEO, 360 Live Media Marketing & Communications
  • Ericka Dunlap – Miss America 2004
  • Anna Flores – Vice President, Consumer & Community Affairs, American Express
  • Greg Evans – Director of Marketing and Public Relations, The Maryland Symphony Orchestra

2011 Miss DC Pageant Judges:

  • Spike Mendelsohn – Top Chef competitor, DC-based chef and entrepreneur
  • Angie Goff – Journalist, Channel 9
  • Mario Acosta Velez – Verizon, Government Affairs
  • Chartese Burnett – Former PR Director for the Washington Nationals and Director of Non-Profit PR with Maroon Public Relations
  • Dennis Momyer – Miss Hawaii Organization, Chiropractor
  • John Kelly – Columnist, The Washington Post

2010 Miss DC Pageant Judges:

  • Gina Adams – Vice President Government Affairs, FedEx Corporation
  • Lisa Gable – Executive Director, Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
  • Kristi Glakas – Miss Virginia 2005, Third Runner-up Miss America
  • Bob Pence – President, Pence-Friedel Developers, Inc
  • Tien Wong – Chairman & CEO, Opus 8, Inc.

2009 Miss DC Pageant Judges:

  • Valerie Crooker Clemens – President Miss Maine Scholarship Pageant, and Miss Maine 1980
  • Jean-Marie Fernandez – President, Fernandez Foundation
  • Jimmy Lynn – Managing Partner, JLynn Associates
  • George Bundy Smith Jr. – Chicago Bureau Reporter, ESPN
  • Rick Tedrick – Chief Financial Officer, National Rifle Association

2008 Miss DC Pageant Judges:

  • Marcia Mayo- Director of Publications and Senior Editor, ART in Embassies Program
  • Fernando Murias – Managing Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Marsha Ralls – Owner, The Ralls Collection and Miss Virginia USA 1987
  • Kerri Strug – Olympic Gold Medalist, 1996 Olympic Games
  • Ted Trabue – Executive Director, District of Columbia Economic Empowerment Coalition
  • Charlie Curry Vantramp – Miss Washington (State) Scholarship Organization