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2013 Bindhu Pamarthi

Miss District of Columbia 2013
Bindhu Pamarthi

Platform: Tolerance Upside-down: Intolerance for Blind Consumerism
Talent: Bollywood Dance – Stereo Love
Age: 23

Bindhu Pamarthi was crowned the 60th anniversary Miss District of Columbia 2013 on Sunday, June 9th at Arena Stage.  A second year law student at Georgetown University Law Center, Bindhu obtained her B.S. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she double majored in Psychology and Political Science.  She graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with highest honors.

In college, Bindhu enjoyed interning at the Office of the N.C. Governor and with the nationally broadcast radio show “The Story with Dick Gordon.” She also worked as a research assistant on an evaluation team dealing with Shaken Baby Syndrome at the Injury Prevention Research Center, matched volunteer mentors to underprivileged youths as an intern at Big Brothers Big Sisters, and traveled abroad to carry out independent research and development initiatives. She has advocated for children in abuse, neglect, and dependency cases in court as a Guardian ad litem, written an award-winning honors thesis on maladaptive marital behaviors, and taught ethnically marginalized subsistence farmers basic computer skills at the Himalayan foothills.

At Georgetown Law, Bindhu is excited to have been admitted to the Street Law program in which she will educate students at a D.C. public high school about valuable lawyering skills. As a volunteer for the Equal Justice Foundation, she assisted with auctions and recruiting student pledges  to help support law students engaged in public interest work.

Born in a small Minnesota town, she has since lived in New York, Mississippi, Denmark, and North Carolina with her parents and elder brother, prior to arriving in the District. Passionate about instilling key values and principles in youth, Bindhu has spoken to over seventy-five classes, K-12, about the importance of ridding cruel production practices in the cosmetics industry where animal testing is grossly outdated. Bindhu was featured on PETA’s national blog for young adults for her school-room advocacy and hopes to continue growing her campaign against cosmetic animal testing.

Bindhu is thrilled to have reached the pinnacle of her pageant career as Miss District of Columbia. This September, Bindhu will represent the District at the televised Miss America pageant in Atlantic City. She is determined to make D.C. proud.
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